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A Field of Lavender is So Relaxing

I love purple, I love lavender, I generally like flowers and this field of Lavender is absolutely so gorgeous it takes my breath away. With the sunset offsetting it in the background, it's the kind of scene I would imagine myself retiring to and watching after the end of a busy day.

Full bloom at Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 🇳🇿 🌺 Photo by @robertlukeman A post shared by Earthpix 🌍🌏🌎 (@earthpix) on Aug 20, 2017 at 7:45am PDT
I have a at least 2 bottles of this essential oil sitting on my desk and I use it literally the same way some people use minyak angin (medicated oil). Open, whiff, close, open, whiff, close.

Credit : Lavender (Flickr) by Eck danger
Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day so, we sort of balanced that out with a completely lazy Saturday. Don't you just love a lazy weekend, especially when you know you've earned and deserved it?
Have a lovely Sunday, folks! Love, Marsha
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Book : 11th Hour (James Patterson + Maxine Paetro)

Alex Cross, yes, I've heard. Lindsay Boxer, first time. I didn't even know James Patterson wrote women, not being sexist or anything, but in my mind, his characters had mainly been gun-totting, macho, beer-guzzling, muscle-bound policemen and investigators. Until now, I didn't know Patterson wrote pregnancy...maybe that was, in large parts, contribution from Maxine Paetro, his co-author for this book, who must know a little more about baby bumps and contractions.

I suppose I ought to try reading his other Women's Murder Club stuff.

I was not too sure if running two murder mysteries concurrently in one book was a good idea. Although there wasn't much confusion, there were points throughout that I expected the two to mesh or come together, to present me with a ta-da surprising twist.

Spoiler alert : There wasn't.

It's refreshing to have a pregnant woman play the tough cop for once and I have to say that, from a chic lit reader's point of view, it's...…

Health : The Gut Feeling

After going through one of the most excruciating times in my life, battling unknown tormentors in my gut with no weapons of my own, I will never again look at sambal the same way. Nor will I beer. #lol No, I am not talking about harboring a human inside my womb and throwing it out into the world via crevices I would rather keep private about.

It took a tiny little machinery hooked up with a camera to tell me (and the Doctor) what had taken my system and body hostage, throwing out everything that I could possibly put past my mouth.

Cursed be my love for nasi lemak and coffee in the morning. The funny thing, (not that funny, actually) to many of us, nasi lemak and spicy meehoon are staple in the morning, isn't it? Am I alone in this? I swear to God that I am absolutely not alone in this, if the scene at the mamak every morning is anything to go by.

But the honest truth is that, these food aren't exactly the best things to consume early in the morning. Despite having read and hea…

Funny : You're Not the Only BBQ Fail

I never do BBQs for a good reason. I know it's fun and different when you have a whole bunch of friends come around or your family is in town but...
FireUncontrollable fireOutsideGasNatureI need electricityCharred foodWashing. Lots and lots of WASHINGFireFireFIRE!!!!! Got this BBQ Fail List from a mailing list from a long time ago but the number of fails in the list will make you happier about cooking with a crock pot or an electric cooker. 
There's lots to learn from the last video, by the way.

Image Credit : BBQ fire grill By : Alfonso Romero
XOXO, Marsha

Picture Post : Sounding Just Like Your Mother

I used to think that sounding like my mother would be a bad thing. She nagged and repeated herself often. Sometimes, within the span of 2 minutes. Maybe with different words, most times with the same ones.

Credit : Molggi Interactive (Flickr)
But as I age, as she ages, maybe sounding like my mother isn't such a bad idea, after all. Because I've got a great mom and I could seriously do SO MUCH worse....mainly because I have better vocabulary, am not the kind to back down during an argument and have a law degree to back up my amazing talent of talking the dead alive.

[@babble] A post shared by Scary Mommy (@scarymommy) on Sep 9, 2017 at 12:30pm PDT
Happy Monday,

Cooking : Marmite Pork (Partial Air-Fried)

I was the kid who sat in front of the TV with a small spoonful of Marmite, Vegemite or Bovril...slowly licking it off the spoon like I would an ice-cream. I was a weird kid. LOL. I don't know anyone else who likes Marmite as much as I do, except for Kid 2 who doesn't mind it with porridge.

But it's brown (almost black, I know), it's ugly, it's sticky, it smells funky, leaves a (so-called) shitty taste in your mouth, doesn't it? HOWEVER...

...I guess nobody needs to tell you that there's a whole long list of health benefits to consuming Marmite. They range from helping you sleep better (because of essential vitamins and minerals for the brain) to treating your hangover. While it's also been said that it can help create smarter babies (think folic acid!) but here's also a little nugget...
In fact, the black stuff was considered so essential for a healthy diet that it was included in soldiers' ration packs during World War One and has subsequently …

Thoughts : Keen As Mustard for a Beach Holiday

Oh, how we long for a beach holiday....

Is there anything else to say to that?

It could be just us staring off into the abyss of the ocean, doing nothing, saying nothing, thinking nothing and just listening to the sound of the waves. It could be days of wandering around a new city, soaking in the unknown and exploring the new. It could also be nights of partying and endless drinking.

Credit : Cuba Gallery on Flickr
You could be traveling alone...or with someone you love. In my case, with my kids. Wouldn't it be nice if we could enjoy sparkly night skies while listening to the waves lapping against the grainy shores?
A magical night in the Maldives Photography by @mikevisuals @lucageselle #WeLiveToExplore A post shared by Live To Explore (@welivetoexplore) on Aug 10, 2017 at 6:38pm PDT
Just thinking,